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13 Jul 2017

Types Of Flowers For Weddings


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Posted By Jennie H.

Okay so you have booked the church or registry office, booked the venue, found the perfect wedding dress, sorted the invitations and the bridesmaids dresses so what next? What types of flowers are you going to have?
What are you prepared to pay for the flowers? As we all know real flowers are very costly from a florist. First we need to consider what type of wedding it is, if it is the traditional white wedding then there are many types of flowers that you can consider.

What are you going to decorate with your flowers? The Church?, receptions?, buttonholes? Corsage? And maybe even the cake.

The time of year needs to be considered also as real flowers obviously only bloom at certain times of the year although with imports some of this can be addressed. The color also needs to be considered so that the types of flowers we choose blends with the wedding dress and bridesmaids outfits.

If it is a spring wedding there are many types of flowers that we can choose from, tulips come in many colors and form, daffodils always look so cheerful and sunny especially as table decorations. Roses are especially delightful as they come in so many colors and you have the added bonus of beautiful scent.

Another option for the types of flowers that you use could be silk flowers which are so realistic that you can not tell the difference from the real ones, these come in all sizes, shapes and colors although obviously no scent.

The cost of these is not much different to real flowers but with the vast array you see in shops you may be able to cut the cost by purchasing a few at a time in different places. The advantage for using these types of flowers is that they can be chosen and ordered in advance of the wedding with no problem of the flowers wilting.

With these types of flowers you can have whatever you want as they are not seasonal unlike real flowers. They can be used for decorating the tables and the wedding cake as they will not spoil or mark the cake, or drop pollen. The added advantage with these types of flowers is that they can be kept after the wedding to serve as a reminder of the perfect day.

You can now also but freeze dries flowers which may be an option for scattering over the tables or the cake at the reception venue. So whatever you choose there is plenty out there and a mixture of the different types is always available to you


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