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29 Jun 2017

Chase Away Winter Blues With Flowers


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Posted By Henry C.

When winter days are dark and dreary, you can still find ways to have a colorful and cheerful home. The beauty of flowers and live plants can chase away the winter blahs and add cheeriness to your home. Here are just a few ways to add a fresh and bright look to your home with flowers.

Use Bouquets of Cut Flowers

Unless you live in a mild climate and have winter flowers, chances are your flower garden is asleep for the winter, but there is another option. You can purchase beautiful cut flowers. Florist shops, grocery stores and farmer's markets all carry a variety of cut flowers. Every room in your home will perk up with a bouquet of flowers. Choose a vase to fit your decor and you add style as well as color. Place a small bouquet on a bedroom dresser or on a shelf in the bathroom. A colorful bouquet is the perfect focal point on a dining room table. A fresh bouquet of cheerful flowers on a kitchen table or counter will brighten your mood and help you ward off the winter doldrums.

Use Floral Wall Art

If fresh flowers are not an option for you, you can still add color and beauty to your home with floral wall art. Picture frames displaying floral paintings and art prints can be a wonderful way to brighten your home. An over-sized floral print or canvas hung on a wall would make a stunning focal point for a living room. If you are into photography, you can make enlargements of your own photos and display them in picture frames for a great decorating touch. When spring and summer flowers are in bloom don't forget to take a few photos of your favorites to frame for your wall art. You can create beautiful wall decorations using your own photographs that can be change periodically for a new fresh look.

Use Live Flowers and Plants

For a touch of spring in your home, nothing beats live plants and flowers for adding cheeriness to an otherwise dreary winter. You don't need to have bright light coming through your windows. In fact, there are many houseplants that don't like bright light and do just fine in low-light settings. Houseplants with low-light requirements, such as ferns, are perfect to grow indoors. If you have plants that need more light, they can be placed close to a window for the indirect light that comes through your window in the winter. Spring bulbs can be fun to force into bloom while there is still snow on the ground. You can trick bulbs like daffodils and tulips into thinking it is time to bloom. Bulbs are dormant during the winter and you can duplicate that cold environment by placing them in the refrigerator. Place a pot of springtime bulbs in the refrigerator in October and keep them there for three or four months. When you take them out and they warm a bit they will think it is spring and time to bloom. You will have a pot of beautiful springtime flowers to cheer you in the middle of the dreary winter. An amaryllis is a bulb that is designed to bloom indoors and it is a beautiful choice for bringing nature and color into your home during the winter.


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